UltraEdit for Mac

On Mac OS X I mainly used jEdit for editing arbitrary text files for a long time. It’s a nice editor with lots of options, so nothing bad about it at all.

Recently I found out that UltraEdit is available for Mac OS X now… wow :-). UltraEdit was my favorite editor for years under Windows and I missed it on OS X. It’s really great that it is available in the meanwhile. So well, I installed the trial version and checked it out: works like a charm. It’s fast (nothing bad about Java, but native is just something different…), full of features, and simply a great editor. What I always loved much is the column mode, which often saved me lots of time.

Today I bought a license of UltraEdit. People who already had an UltraEdit license once, currently get -20% on the normal retail price when purchasing a license of UltraEdit for Mac. Nice offer.

So if you search for a good text and hex editor on OS X, I can recommend UltraEdit. If you don’t want to spend money, good alternatives are jEdit or also TextWrangler, which is another pretty nice native editor.

Update: Some days later I wrote another post about UltraEdit and jEdit especially pointing out that jEdit has something like “column mode”, too (I didn’t know that before…) and writing a bit more about speed.

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