About Us

Welcome to my blog. Yes, right – I’ve started a blog.

Who? I’m Gerhard and I’m from Austria. “skyreacher” is the nickname I usually use on Internet pages and in chats. I’ve been using it since 1998, so that’s been quite a while now. As the nick isn’t that short, I also use the short form of it, which would be just “sky”. That’s why I called this blog “Sky’s Public Notes”. This webpage is completely private, with no commercial goal. Because of lots of spam I don’t publish contact information any more. If you really want to contact me, see the section “how to contact” below and give it a try. Contacts are very welcome, the only thing I hate is spam. đŸ˜‰

Why? I decided to set up this blog for various reasons. The main reason is, that I noticed blogs are very helpful. I found myself finding a lot of solutions on blogs – they are great and helped me a lot. This is maybe not the right place for it, but: a big Thank You to all bloggers out there.

So, I noticed that blogs are useful and I want to share solutions, too. For others and for myself.

What? Well, actually, for sure I will not write only about technical solutions. I plan to write about various topics, maybe even just share thoughts. Time will show what comes about.

Why English? Because I like to write in English and this way many more people can read what I write about. However, maybe I’ll also write in German, who knows (could be an own category on the blog)…

Why Ads? I’ve chosen a WordPress template with ads because I want to see if Google’s Adsense is good for making some money. And sometimes these ads show really useful links…

How to contact? If you write comments on this blog, I will read and respond if required. If you want to contact me, please write an e-mail to gdi at skyreacher.net and don’t forget to set a good subject (otherwise chances are high that I think your e-mail is spam and move it to trash without reading its content).

Well, so I hope you find some of my postings useful. I always welcome any comments that relate to my postings (even critics ;-)), just leave your opinions if you feel like it. Thanks.