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iCal Duplicates

I use the plain and simple iCal program on my Mac to keep track of private events. So far so good. To have my events with me, I sync the calendar with my iPhone, which – at least in theory – works as simple as activating a checkbox in iTunes and simply syncing the phone…

UltraEdit for Mac and jEdit

Some days ago I wrote a little post about UltraEdit and sent out a message on Twitter. I also mentioned jEdit in the Twitter message and got some feedback on what I wrote. That was a nice experience and I learnt something: I didn’t know jEdit had something like UltraEdit’s “column mode” but in fact […]

UltraEdit for Mac

On Mac OS X I mainly used jEdit for editing arbitrary text files for a long time. It’s a nice editor with lots of options, so nothing bad about it at all. Recently I found out that UltraEdit is available for Mac OS X now… wow :-). UltraEdit was my favorite editor for years under […]

WordPress Upgrade and Comments On

Short article about my last Wordpress upgrade and installation of a solution against automated spam comments…

Debugging JavaScript Code

I tried out Mozilla’s JavaScript Debugger “Venkman” for Firefox today and give some hints for people who want to try it out, too.

Changing Default Java Version on OS X

OS X comes with Java support already included – current versions of OS X 10.5 have Java 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 installed. By default, Java 1.5 is currently the active version (on OS X 10.5.6)…