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jEdit 4.3pre16 on Mac OS X with Java 1.6

In this blog entry I explain how to make jEdit 4.3pre16 work on OS X with Java 1.6.

VMware Fusion and Time Machine

I’m running VMware Fusion on my Mac and, by the way, it’s really working great. Currently I have a VM with Windows 2000 Professional (I need this one for development), one with Ubuntu and one with Open Solaris.

Well, so far so good. Recently I installed version 2.0.1 of VMware Fusion (I still had version 1.1.3 before) and read in VMware’s update guide, that it’s recommended to backup virtual machines before doing so. I thought, sure, no problem – I always backup with Time Machine, so I already have an update…

MySQL: Creating a Database

In this short post I sum up how to create a new database, a new user, and how to assign all rights for the new database to the user.

MySQL on Leopard

In this post I describe step by step how I installed MySQL 5.1.30 on OS X 10.5.5.

Enabling Apache on OS X Leopard

Today I wanted to enable my local Apache HTTP Server on my Mac. The nice thing is, that OS X comes with Apache (didn’t have to install anything), but well, it didn’t really run out of the box, so here’s what I had to do…

How to Reset Zuma Highscores

Popcap’s game Zuma doesn’t offer an option to reset highscores. Well, from time to time it’s nice to restart from zero, especially if more than one person is playing on one computer and highscores grew so high that it became nearly impossible to beat them.

Resetting highscores is pretty easy…