How to Reset Zuma Highscores

Popcap’s game Zuma doesn’t offer an option to reset highscores. Well, from time to time it’s nice to restart from zero, especially if more than one person is playing on one computer and highscores grew so high that it became nearly impossible to beat them.

Resetting highscores is pretty easy. You only have to delete a file named “highscores.dat” and all highscores will be reset. User accounts and current saved games will not be removed, however, it’s a good idea to copy the highscores.dat file to another place or rename it, so – just in case – you can always put it back to its original place again (and have your highscores back).

Under Windows, this file is located in:

C:\Program Files\Popcap Games\Zuma Deluxe\userdata

If you use the Mac (OS X) version of the game, you’ll find the file in your user’s home directory:

~/Library/Application Support/Popcap/Zuma/userdata

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